Energy management

We provide support for performance-driven upgrades, helping building owners identify energy opportunities and other performance challenges and offering guidance on how to fix these problems. We can also develop operational policies and plans to help on-going operations and occupant behavior support original sustainability goals for the building. We embrace the principles of resilient design and offer resiliency assessment to protect and improve the long-term value our clients’ portfolios.

We help teams implement the findings of energy and sustainability assessments and formulate retrofit plans for calculated energy savings. We research available financial incentives, develop basis of design documents and prepare performance specifications to guide projects toward targeted results.

Engineering Solutions provides consulting and educational services in the field of Green and Sustainable Buildings. Our clients are building and business owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and other companies interested in creating business advantages through sustainability.

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26 Geziret El Arab St. Mohandessin, Cairo, Egypt. Phone:(+2 02) 330 314 78 Mobile:(+2) 0111 444 9300
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